Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 9

I was supposed to get the PICC line flushed and dressed tomorrow, but there was a small sore under the dressing which itself had started to pull away. It has been so hot and I think the adhesive can't cope well with with sweaty skin. I rang the hospital and they were not very busy, so I was able to get it done today. One less thing for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another CT scan. I think this is the one that is going to be used as the baseline for evaluating results of the clinical trial. It is going to take some time - I have to drink some dye liquid over an hour and a half before the scan. I don't know if they will inject dye this time as well.

I am thinking that I may go in to RPH by train from Fremantle to save Kevin having to take me in and either wait around for a couple of hours or go home and come back which is time consuming and expensive. I will see how I feel tomorrow - I was a bit shaky this morning and didn't want to drive myself so he took me to the hospital.

Otherwise, I have felt well today, though I needed a Pramin first thing. A bit tired, because I didn't sleep well last night again. I had a brief nap this afternoon. And my appetite is good.

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