Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 4 and Day 5

Yesterday was far better than Day 4 in the first cycle - I did some washing, some vacuuming and some shopping.

No wonder I couldn't stay awake for Midsomer Murders - I went to bed about halfway through. Does anyone know who dunnit? The creepy innkeeper with the cancer -ridden mother? The guy who lost his Rolex? The previous investigating detective? The tobacco executive? And how many more murders were there? I can't ask Kevin because he dropped off too!

Today we went to buy a replacement for the lime tree that has been struggling in the backyard. It hasn't died, but looks sick, so Kevin transplanted it to another spot. I hope they both survive - we have plenty of lemons, but I also love limes.

I am still having funny reactions to cold food and especially drink. Tap water tastes a bit metallic, so I am adding a little flavoured mineral water to it. I find the mineral water by itself too sugary and strong in taste. A friend has told me that drinking lots of water helps with the chemo - she has been looking after a niece who has been having treatment for 6 months now and that was the advice she was given. I am getting through at least a couple of litres a day.

I did some sewing today - finished another pair of trousers that had been cut out to make to take on the cancelled cruise. I have not felt sick at all, but am feeling tired. I think I might take a nap for an hour or so. Kevin has made fried rice for tea.

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