Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 9 and a bill

A much better day, though I woke up nauseous and had to go back to bed for an hour or so after breakfast.

I drove to the library this afternoon, then to visit my friend Juliet. First socialising I have done. Poor Juliet was housecleaning in anticipation of the arrival of her parents-in-law from England tomorrow, but we had a cuppa and a long chat. Thanks, Juliet. Your time was much appreciated.

The bill arrived today for the insertion of the PICC line plus the required flouroscopy to do it - $889.30. Since the procedure was before the end of the year while we were still covered by the Medicare safety net I don't think we will have much to pay. In fact, since it was done in hospital, we may be completely covered.

I will take the bill to Medicare tomorrow afternoon, after the PICC line has been flushed and dressed and I have had my hair appointment. I'm looking forward to a thorough shampoo - it's a bit of a task to accomplish that one handed in the shower - and to having my straggly locks tidied. I have been told that hair loss is not a usual side effect of the drugs that I am being given, so a regular hairdresser's appointment will be an enjoyable luxury.

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