Friday, January 29, 2010

Cycle 3 Day 3

I went to see another specialist this morning - unrelated to the cancers. I have osteoarthritis and last October I had surgery to remove a mucous cyst in the top joint of one of my fingers. This visit was to check that all was well and whether I needed another cortisone injection in my thumb. He gave me the all clear and a letter to use if pain increases in my thumb. One less thing to worry about.

I drove myself to hospital to have the pump unhooked after dropping Kevin off in Perth to have lunch with an old friend of his who is presently teaching in Vietnam and is home on holiday. After a long wait for the unhooking and flush and a pleasant visit with Dale and Ian at The Thread Studio I picked him up and drove home through freeway peak traffic. I was quite shaky and very tired when I got home.

I am finding it difficult to drink enough at the moment, and it is very necessary - not only because of the chemo, but also because of the heat wave we are having. Everything tastes metallic, even with flavouring added. I am also still having problems with handling cold things, including cold drinks. I have to wait till they are tepid, which makes them even less palatable. The effect wears off eventually, but I must take note of exactly when it happens this cycle.

I am also finding that I am not handling frustration very well. I nearly lost it today as I drove three times through the multistory car park at the hospital to try and find a spot. The other evening I blew my top at Kevin, quite unjustifiably, and broke down quite badly. A major crying jag with no real reason.

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