Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Third Cycle

The third lot of chemo started today - four hours, then the pump attached. No problems, except the pump started beeping loudly as soon as I got in the car and the readout said " high pressure." I've been told that usually means there is a kink in the line, so I tried to find where the problem was with no luck. Back to the clinic and the problem was quickly solved with a new valve. I'm glad it happened so quickly - it would be a pain to have got halfway home and have to turn back.

I visited the oncologist before the chemo and he repeated the anti-nausea drug regime I had last time. Hopefully this means another good cycle to come. He also spoke about the possibility of surgery for the primary bowel cancer after three months of chemo. It would be good if this happens and the primary could be eliminated so the chemo is directed at the metastases only.

I asked if he had results from last week's CT scan. There seems to be a certain lack of communication between RPH and its consultants - he didn't even know I had had it. He immediately requested a faxed report and told me to come and see him after the chemo. I didn't have to - he came to see me. Good news - there is indication that at least some of the liver tumours have shrunk. Unexpected after only two lots of chemo, but very heartening. I forgot to ask about the lung tumours.

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  1. Hooray for the shrinking tumours!

    I wear a pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all through my cycle. The bag is changed once a week, and the dressing around the PICC cleaned and changed at the same time. It makes a huge difference how the line is routed too. The first week I would get an occlusion alarm (i.e probably a kink in the line) four or five times per day, with two or three happening at night, waking me up every time. The second week the line from the PICC to the pump was differently routed and I didn't get one alarm all week.

    Good luck with your pump. It really is great technology.