Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day tomorrow

I have had a comment from Chris who is also writing a blog about his battle with cancer. Do go visit.

It is Australia Day tomorrow. Time for all the yobbos to display the flag (made in China) on their vehicles and drink far too much. We will stay home. About 20 years ago we used to have an Australia Day party every year. I found one of the invites the other day.

At that time we had a very placid Rhodesian Ridgeback dog who accepted having stripes painted on his back so he could impersonate a thylacine. Hey, Diefer, I still miss you.

I haven't blogged because nothing has changed. I am still doing well, tired, but no nasties. I had the blood test today that determines whether the third chemo will happen on Wednesday. If the white blood cell and platelet count are too low it has to be postponed.

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