Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Second cycle begins

We started with a visit to the oncologist - not my usual one who is on leave, but his partner. I was glad that I have been keeping this journal because he really wanted to know how the first cycle had gone. He has changed the anti-nausea meds so hopefully I won't have the bad few days I did last time. We will see.

The blood test showed my white cells were OK and there was even a slight improvement in liver function. One marker had returned to normal range and the other had improved. Not an indication that the tumours had shrunk (CT scan needed for that) but good that the liver is dealing with all this. The next blood test will include the cancer marker - it wasn't requested this time because it often goes up when chemo is first started. It was apparently over 9000 (normal reading 5 or 6) when the blood test was done prior to my initial appointment with the oncologist - it had been 8000 when I was diagnosed.

Our chemo appointment was at 2pm, so Kevin left to amuse himself for the next 4 hours. I am quite happy with my ipod and and a book and really don't need him to suffer terminal boredom while the weedkiller is pumped in. However, the actual infusion didn't start till after 3, so when he came back at 6.30 there was still another hour to go.

By the time the pump was attached it was 7.30. I had almost finished my book and Kevin gratefully scoffed what was left of the fruit and nuts I had brought to snack on. That was a good idea and I will do it again.

Dinner tonight was the chicken and barley soup I made yesterday with some beans, broccoli and snow peas added. I really enjoyed it. I am not sure whether the inability to eat will happen this cycle or not, so I plan to eat what I like while I can.

There is 100ml of Fluorouracil to be pumped in over the next two days.

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