Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More medical visits

I had my annual visit to the optometrist this morning. It was very frustrating. I have worn contact lenses since I was 18 (OMG - 50 years!) but recently I have been having problems with gunk building up under the lenses during the day so my vision becomes blurry. I also cannot see closeup as well as I used to.

The optometrist couldn't take accurate measurements because of the vision blurring, but she did determine that I can definitely see better with my lenses than with the glasses I have (and hate) for emergencies. She was talking about some glasses to wear with my lenses for close work. Then she examined my eyes for cataracts. I knew I had them in the early stages (I have seen a specialist who just told me to come back in a year or so), but apparently they have noticeably worsened since last year's examination. In addition, I appear to have some sort of foreign body embedded in my left eye.

So off to the eye specialist I go again. I was able to get an appointment for Thursday afternoon so I won't have long to wait for more information. In the meantime, any modifications to my lenses or glasses remain on hold, but I have to use eye drops to help keep my eyes moistened which will reduce or eliminate the blurring.

I am managing quite well with the Xeloda. I am eating small (and tasteless) snacks mid morning and mid afternoon to stop the nausea. No other side effects as yet. The finger and foot tingling from the Oxaliplatin is still present, though less worrisome.


  1. Sorry you are having a bit of a rough time right now.....hope all goes well on Thursday. Keeping you in my heart and prayers....Hugs

  2. You are having a tough time of it:( The bad parts of getting older along with everything else. It sure sucks doesn't it.
    Sympathies, prayers and hugs