Thursday, June 3, 2010

Visit to the eye specialist

I have just come back from visiting the eye specialist. One of my eyes has got worse and the cataract in it could be operated on, but it is not yet affecting my sight in a major way. I was glad to hear that - at this point I would rather not suspend chemo for anything else than urgent surgery. I am to go back to him in a year's time (I am refusing to contemplate the possibility that I won't be able to make it - I will be there!)

Now I need to make another appointment with the optometrist to sort out my vision problems with new glasses. I will have to wait a week or so though until the eye drops clear up the blurring.

I have had almost continual low level nausea today which has not been connected with feeding delays. It was bad enough after lunch for me to take a Pramin in case something bad happened at the eye clinic. It worked, but the nausea is back. Something to write about in my Xeloda diary - there's not much in it so far.


  1. I hope your stomach has settled, I think I would rather pain than nausea. Keeping you in my prayers........:-) Hugs

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