Monday, June 28, 2010

Look Good Feel Better

Today I went to a free workshop run by the Cancer Council for women with cancer. It is basically about makeup and head gear. The workshops have been running for 20 years in Australia and are supported by the beauty companies. Every participant gets to use a wide range of beauty products, then takes them home in a goody bag. You can see some of the products in the pic below.

The leaders/tutors are all volunteers. The lady standing on the left has been doing the workshops for some years, now has breast cancer herself, but is still doing them for other women.

The lady seated on my left (I'm the one in red in the middle) is Catherine. She was today's model for the scarves, turbans and wigs that were brought along for the participants to try. Her grand daughter was responsible for her head decoration - I thought it was terrific. I still have hair, but it is getting thin, as you may be able to see.

Kevin came along and took photos (with permission) and we have burned some CDs to send to the wig lady, the organiser and, of course, Catherine.

I am so glad I went to the workshop. I am now going to see the wig lady because my head is feeling the cold, and I am also not keen on the pink patches on my skull.

BTW, the Cancer Council also runs these workshops for men. I guess they don't come away with so many cosmetics, though!


  1. The American Cancer Society runs these same classes here in the States. I plan on going to one next week (if its not full yet!) My hair should fall out this week--its already starting.
    Thanks for taking, and posting pics.

  2. We have them in Canada as well and I always felt so much better when I took the time to do my make up....sometimes I wore a wig other times no, depended what I felt like.
    So glad you are feeling better....:-)Hugs