Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aching all over

My legs, arms and shoulders have been hurting for about a fortnight now. When I asked the oncologist if this was an expected side effect he said he had not encountered it before. So I am going to see the GP tomorrow - she may have some suggestions on dealing with it.

It has been bad the last couple of days - I have been feeling weak and unable to walk far. The pain is not really bad - in fact, it is comparable to that you experience when you have over-exerted muscles with unaccustomed exercise, but it is definitely not due to that. Exercise has not been a component of my daily life since I began to feel unwell about November last year. Maybe I need to start again, but it is not appealing while I am hurting so much.


  1. So sorry you are having this issue, hopefully your GP will have some answers for you tomorrow. Keeping you in my prayers...:-)Hugs

  2. If you weren't satisfied with your GPs answers, talk to your oncology nurses. They will have some tips for you. If not, they know where to find them on-line. When it comes to dealing with side effects, my husband has found them to be the most help. Hope some of the achiness has gone away by the time you read this.