Monday, June 7, 2010

Upsetting TV ads

If there is a prize for insensitivity it would have to be awarded to Channel 7 Perth.

Last night at about 7.05 pm, the channel aired a moving ad from HBF (health insurance) which featured a woman dying of cancer. It was immediately followed by an ad for Mareena Purslowe and Associates, Funeral Directors. This confronting combination made me burst into tears. I am still upset thinking about it.

I have made a formal complaint to the TV regulatory authority.

It was hardly tactful, either, given that this week is Bowel Cancer Awareness Week here in Australia.

I felt much better yesterday, but today is another not so good day. I am still nauseous (I took a Pramin first thing, but it is having little effect) though I managed a half slice of toast with stewed tomatoes for breakfast. And I am visiting the loo with depressing frequency.


  1. That ad was insensitive and a bit morbid. I do hope your tummy settles down soon Joan, am keeping you in my heart and prayers as always.
    ......:-) Hugs

  2. Although October is the month designated for Breast Cancer Awareness, it’s never too early to show support for the cause. Every year over 40,000 American women succumb to breast cancer. It is the cancer with the second highest morality rate in the country.