Friday, June 4, 2010

Date set for the next CT scan

I had heard nothing about my next CT scan from RPH (the hospital which is hosting the clinical trial I am involved in) even though my oncologist had faxed through the request ten days ago. So I rang the oncologist's receptionist who made enquiries for me. They apparently just got round to scheduling today and it is to be on Wednesday June 16th. This was supposed to be the day I would see the oncologist next, so she has rescheduled my appointment for Friday 18th (to give them time to get the report to the doctor) and has also organised a change of date and time for the Avastin infusion at the Ivy Suite. Hooray for helpful aides - it does make life a little less stressful. The scan is to be at an annex to RPH in another suburb, so I won't be able to take the train. I will have to drive.

I have been thinking that I really need to make a more consistent effort to get regular exercise - it is too easy to spend all day on the computer or the sewing machine. This morning Kevin and I set out for Manning Park, which has been one of our favourite walking spots in the past. However, today turned out to be one of the days that the osteoarthritis in my legs and hips decided to flare up so the walk was not as long as it should have been. It was lovely to be out in the sunshine, though, even if it was chilly in the shade when the wind blew. I had a nap when we came home.

I have been nauseous all day today again but I haven't taken any medication. I am still without a sense of taste, except that I find soup liquid quite palatable. Can't say the same for any meat or veges it contains.

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  1. So glad you got your appointments sorted and I hope your nausea settles soon and you can have a good weekend.....:-) Hugs