Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The CT Scan

My appointment was for 8.45 am at Shenton Park and I allowed an hour to get from home to the clinic since it was rush hour. It was only just enough time - it took 25 minutes to travel between the traffic lights at Eric Street and Christchurch - a distance of slightly more than a kilometre, but there are two large private schools on this stretch and it was starting time for them. If I ever have to do this again I will find an alternative route.

Once I arrived I had a cannula inserted then sat and waited while drinking the obligatory preparation liquid over an hour. Once in the room, the CT scan proceded normally until the time came for the infusion of the contrast dye through the cannula. The technician set the pump going and left the room. I felt an unusual warm feeling on my arm and almost none of the usual warmth in the lower abdomen. When the technician came back he found that one of the valves had failed and about half the contrast dye had leaked onto my clothing. Yuck! It was a sticky mess. More importantly, it was possible that the scan had failed to register properly and would have to be repeated. The matter was referred to the doctor on duty who couldn't be contacted. I lay waiting for 15 minutes until he was found, had looked at the pictures and decided there was enough detail to make a report.

I really hope this is the case. I am waiting impatiently until Friday and the visit to the oncologist.


  1. I am glad it didn't have to be redone....all these test can be so frustrating especially after it took so long to go pass the schools to finally arrive.....Praying for good results for you Joan.......:-)Hugs from Canada

  2. Joan that's aweful! Hope you get a good report after all that!
    That contrast often makes me nauseated...last time they slowed it down going in, but it didn't help. Luckily the feeling goes away after about 5 minutes.
    Sending thoughts and prayers your way!