Friday, June 25, 2010

What a week!

This has been a pretty eventful week.

Monday I went to the GP who took careful note of my aching shoulders and legs symptoms and thought I might have fibromyalgia rheumatica. This can be determined by a blood test, so off I went to have one with another appointment organised for Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I put in my contact lenses as usual, then inserted the drops I use every morning to correct dry eye. Instant agony in my right eye. OK, remove the lens, wash out the eye, wait a bit and reinsert. Done it a hundred times. But not this time. The lens was stuck to the cornea and I couldn't get it out. Eventually, after much bathing with saline, I managed to remove it, but it was still very painful. Once it was office hours I phoned my optometrist who recommended some other drops and bathing, and to get the doctor to look at the cornea when I went to see her. I had to get Kevin to drive me - my glasses are not good enough for driving. The doctor said I had damaged the cornea and needed to spend at least another 24 hours without lenses. And the blood test showed I didn't have FMR, but I did have a slightly high thyroid reading (which opens another whole can of worms). She admitted that she didn't have any idea what the problem was at the moment, but recommended a visit to a physical therapist, an increase in exercise if I could manage it and another blood test (not urgent) to check out my thyroid.

Wednesday morning I was energetic enough to do some housework, then I went to the fortnightly meeting of one of my sewing groups, driven there by a friend. A good day, even if I was unable to eat much of dinner.

Yesterday morning I put in my lenses without a problem. Wonderful! I went and did the grocery shopping to celebrate being able to drive again. I didn't feel like eating much lunch, but found I quite enjoyed an apple sliced with some ricotta cheese.

In the afternoon Kevin took a friend to see his GP. Haddon has prostate cancer which spread to his bladder and bones, and he has been feeling really unwell lately - too unwell to drive. Since he usually has to wait for his doctor to see him, Kevin left Haddon and his wife and went to see another friend. He took his mobile phone, but left it in the car. (Be patient - this is a pertinent fact). At home in the meantime I had decided to do some clearing out of excess clothing. As I reached under the chest of drawers for some unwanted shoes I overbalanced, landed on my backside and fell backwards, hitting my head on the wall. While I didn't blackout, I was dizzy and had a bit of blurred vision. A huge egg popped up immediately on my skull and I had a bad headache.

I went to the phone and tried to ring Kevin. No answer. Then the phone rang. The doctor had been prompt and Haddon and Margaret were ready to be picked up. I rang Kevin again. No answer, so I rang the friend he had gone to visit and he was still there. I sent him off to pick up H & M, then to come home.

While I was waiting I decided to ring HealthDirect - a government telephone service which advises people about their options if they are worried about some illness or injury. It is mostly used by the parents of young children (wish it had existed when our kids were small) but caters for all age groups. The nurse on the end of the line wasn't too concerned until I mentioned my daily shot of Clexane in the list of medications. Because of this, there could be the possibility of bleeding in the brain from a blow like the one I had given myself, so she recommended I attend an emergency department at a hospital for tests.

So off to Murdoch we went, prudently packing an overnight bag just in case. Murdoch is a private hospital, so there is a hefty fee to pay, but there was almost no waiting to be admitted (unlike previous experiences with public hospitals). I still had a whopping headache, despite taking some Panadol over an hour before, so the doctor prescribed an IV painkiller and antinausea drug, and a CT scan of my skull. After 4 hours they decided there was nothing seriously wrong and we were released. In the meantime Haddon had also arrived at emergency to await admission for a blood transfusion and draining fluid from his lungs, so Kevin had someone to talk to while I had my scan. When we got home I managed a few mouthfuls of food so I could take my evening dose of Xeloda and went to bed almost at once.

I have been very tired today. Perth is suffering a cold snap - it was zero degrees Celsius in some parts of the metropolitan area this morning - so I have spent most of the day wrapped in a rug and dozing in front of the heater. I vomited this afternoon - the first such episode since my initial cycle of chemo, but I am feeling OK now. Early to bed I think.

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  1. Man you have hit a bumpy road my friend, I do hope you are feeling better now......perhaps some jello and broth may be all your tummy can handle for a while but it would not be so hard on your system will stay hydrated. Am keeping you in my prayers....:-) Hugs