Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Good Day

I have felt really well today. The gum inflammation has calmed down, I haven't had any diarrhea or nausea and my taste has come back. Not completely - meat still tastes horrible - but vegetables and fruit are fine.

So I celebrated by cooking a big meal for dinner. Scalloped potatoes with onions and sage, baby carrots with honey and cumin, broccolini, nannygai (a local firm white fleshed fish) and my own version of tartare sauce. It was yummy, and I managed all but a couple of spoonfuls of my serving.

Such a change from a few days ago when all I could eat was a couple of spoonfuls of anything.

Next week will be busy. I have decided to take advantage of some of the services that are offered by the West Australian Cancer Council so I am going to book in to one of their workshops on coping with hair and skin changes. This is on Monday. Tuesday I am going to one of my sewing groups, Wednesday I have my long awaited CT scan, Thursday will be a blood test and Friday is the appointment with the oncologist, an infusion of Avastin and possible resumption of the Xeloda.

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  1. Oh my but you are a busy gir. So happy you are having such a good day and are able to eat some tasty as well nourshing food. Stay well Joan........:-) Hugs