Saturday, May 29, 2010

Xeloda Cycle 1, day 2/3

I have had a little nausea which Pramin settled quickly. It is definitely connected with the timing of my eating - wait too long (more than 4 hours) for a meal and the nausea starts. I am watching this now and am finding that even a small snack like a banana helps. It is a hard habit for me to get into - I have avoided snacks most of my adult life.

However I have no taste again, and some foods are actively unpleasant. Last night we went to the opening of an Art Exhibition in which I have a piece. I certainly didn't add to the catering bill - I ate a walnut sized fish cake, then had to find a disposal site for an egg tart as I just couldn't take the taste of the egg filling. That was the extent of my canape consumption!

We did eat when we came home, but I couldn't manage much of the leftover prawn stirfry either - just a couple of prawns and a few spoonfuls of the vegetables and rice. I am losing weight again, but not as quickly as I did in December/January. For me, this is not a bad thing as I am still overweight.

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  1. My husband found that it definately helped to eat small portions every few hours, instead of eating 3 meals a day. As for the loss of appetite, try some light exercise. It also helps to keep ready-to-eat foods on hand at home and on the road (like cheese sticks, yogurt,fruit cups, pudding cups, etc.) You can also try
    oral supplements like Ensure or Carnation Instant Breakfast. Hope you find some relief. I know these side effects can be nasty!!!