Sunday, May 2, 2010

BAD Hands

I have had really bad tingling in my hands today - so intense that it was painful to use my fingers for anything - not just cold things. Not to mention that they were clumsy and I found it hard to use any tools - except a spoon for my breakfast cereal. It lasted till noon, but is getting better now.

We are leaving for Queensland tomorrow and I have a long list of things to do. One of them was to clear out the vegie drawer in the fridge. The vegetables would not be too great 9 days from now. Despite the problems with my hands I have done it.

I cooked up some leek and potato soup which we have eaten part of for lunch, a HUGE mixed mixed vegetable and barley soup and a tomato and onion sauce. I am waiting for them to cool down so I can package them in plastic storage containers for freezing. There are also some roasted pumpkin pieces in the oven. I was going to make a soup from them too, but I will just freeze them as they are. They can become a soup some time in the future. I feel so virtuous that I didn't just dump all the vegetables in the compost tumbler - there were a lot of peelings and bad bits that did end up there.

Now I have to tackle the packing, though that isn't too urgent. We don't leave till 11 am tomorrow.

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