Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Food, taste and energy

I have had quite a bit of energy today - enough to drive twice to the Hyundai agents to take and then pick up our car which was having replacement sun visors installed. This was a recall job, so no cost. We also went (with Kevin driving) to Murdoch hospital for my blood test, then to visit another car sales place to try and find out more about a car that won't be released her in WA till July, but which I think I want. I am being quite open about my bucket list - if I want it and we can afford it (either money or time) we'll get it. I also cut out the pieces for a bag I am going to make.

I had enough energy to cook two meals today - fried rice for lunch and sweet and sour for dinner. It was supposed to be sweet and sour pork, but when I got the meat out of the fridge it was actually veal, so that is what I cooked. I think I will have to become a vegetarian - I am finding that I just can't cope with meat. Either it is completely tasteless or else it tastes unpleasant. It was the latter tonight. But I can manage vegetables, even when I have no taste at all. I do have some at the moment. Tonight's sweet and sour sauce was yummy - carrot, green capsicum, mushrooms, onion and cucumber as a base and lots of goodies in the sauce.

I find out tomorrow whether I will start the Xeloda. I have been reading about it - it sounds as if there are are some nasty side effects. I WILL pay lots of attention to my hands and feet.

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  1. I suffer from neuropathy as well and at times I cannot walk or even use my hands....a horrible time but then I am so thankful for the days it is not so bad.....wishing you more of these good days as well my friend....:-)Hugs