Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back Home

We arrived home from Brisbane last night after eight days. We had a good time and did lots of enjoyable touristy things, though our activities were sometimes restricted when I got too tired or the diarrhea too insistent. The finger tingling was almost non-existent while we were away (probably because it was much warmer weather, though I did have a bit of foot and leg tingling). It was back today, though reasonably mild.

Today has been a good day. I have had had plenty of energy and done lots of things. If I were still on the previous regimen it would have been a chemo day, but I have a week's extra holiday. This morning I washed all the dirty clothes from our trip, then went to a meeting of a sewing club. In the afternoon I went to another gathering. I have done a little shopping to replenish our food supplies, and made dinner - tuna patties. Nice, but almost tasteless, though I enjoyed the tomatoes and lettuce in the salad.

I have tackled my email and reduced it from 250 waiting messages to 45. Hooray for the delete button. Tomorrow I am planning to finish some textile pieces I am committed to have finished for the big Craft Fair next week.

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