Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I haven't blogged for a few days because I have really had nothing to say. I have remained well - no diarrhea, very little nausea and some appetite. I have felt tired, especially if I do a bit too much, like yesterday when I vacuumed the house in the morning, then went grocery shopping in the afternoon. But I managed to cook dinner: frankfurts, mashed potato with onion and steamed cabbage - one of my favourite meals. Liked the vegies, but could only eat half of one sausage. I really don't like the taste of meat any more.

It is six months today since my cancers were diagnosed. I remember sitting in the surgeon's office and him saying they were incurable and that I would have about six months to live without treatment. At that stage it wasn't clear if I would have surgery first, but when the colonoscopy showed there was no bowel obstruction from the cancer, it was decided I should have chemotherapy first.

So here I am, six months on, feeling not much worse than I did before I was diagnosed. There are some things that have changed - my hair is starting to get really thin and my nails have bumpy ridges and are peeling. But the neuropathy in my hands seems to be much better. I am still doing the things I enjoyed before, if more slowly than previously. And I am looking forward to some good news from tomorrow's CT scan when I see the oncologist on Friday.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow, am keeping you in my heart and prayers........:-) Hugs