Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Taking a Break

The trip to the hospital and our 8.45am appointment with the oncologist took 55 minutes. We didn't go on the freeway all the way - which was almost certainly a big mistake because the other roads were absolutely choked. However we got there just in time and didn't have to wait to be seen.

Yesterday's blood test showed my white blood cells were too low for the Folfox treatment, so that has been delayed for a week to give the bone marrow a bit of a break. However, I had a reduced infusion of Avastin which doesn't attack white blood cells so the trip wasn't a total waste of time.

Next week will be difficult. It is a public holiday on Monday, so no blood test is possible. I will have to go to the pathology collection centre at Subiaco very early on the Tuesday, then see the oncologist 2 hours later. Except that I need food as soon as I get up we could go to a cafe for breakfast. The clinic and ward are fully booked on Tuesday, so I can't have my chemo till Wednesday. I asked if I could see the oncologist on Wednesday, but he doesn't come in until the afternoon, which would be too late for the clinic. Thus, two trips in heavy traffic.

We got a copy of the last CT scan report which has some interesting information. Not only the fact that the liver tumours are decreasing, which we had been told, but also a tentative suggestion that the spots on my lungs might not be cancers, but something else. I will be having another CT scan at the end of March and hope for good news then.

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  1. Joan, I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the spots on your lung. And big congratulations about the liver tumours.

    I have a mid-chemo CT scan scheduled for March 11th, and I'm counting the days. I really want to compare that one with the one taken before chemo started.