Friday, February 19, 2010

Kitchen Kapers

The new oven has been installed and I have spent some time reading the instruction book. I have been running it for a couple of hours to get rid of the "new" smell. I plan to use it for real cooking tomorrow.

The cooktop could not be installed because the electrician did not know it was in place of a gas one. The gas needs to be sealed off - something he cannot do legally - and a new cable installed because what power is there is only enough for the ignition sparkers, not enough to run a cooktop. He is coming back on Monday morning.

I went grocery shopping this morning and managed quite well though I am very tired now. Diarrhoea has appeared again, though Kevin says it is probably because I have had a couple of glasses of wine now the enforced abstinence of antibiotics has concluded. The dentist rang this afternoon and recommended that I not use the second antibiotic prescription she gave me unless I have a flareup. I'm quite happy about that.

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