Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Status Report

I have been quite active for the last couple of days, even though I have not felt really well. Nothing specific, just a bit wobbly - I can't think of a word that describes it better.

Monday I spent time in my sewing room and made some decorated hand towels - the monthly challenge for one of the sewing groups. Tuesday morning I went to the meeting and enjoyed myself talking to people. Then I went shopping and took a tumble as I walked from the car to the shop. Quite a shakeup and I am sporting a big bruise on one knee.

Tuesday afternoon we went to look at some kitchen appliances. Our oven is 17 years old, no longer has an accurate thermostat and is going rusty, and I hate cleaning it. So we bought a new one - a self cleaning version. It will be delivered on Thursday, along with a new induction cooktop - another thing that will require less effort to keep clean. They are supposed to be installed on Friday, but we haven't heard from the installer, so that may not happen till next week.

Today I have done some natural dyeing with lavender from the garden and filled in entry forms for two textile exhibitions that will happen in May. I have also paid all the outstanding household bills so I feel pretty virtuous.

Tomorrow morning I go to the hospital for the weekly PICC flush. I am planning to visit my uncle and aunt after that. My uncle is 86 and also has cancer - prostate that has metastased to his bones. He is not undergoing any treatment other than palliative care.

The finger tingling is definitely not improving, but I have finished the antibiotics and the tooth abscess seems to have gone. I start Cycle 5 on Tuesday.

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