Friday, February 5, 2010

Another problem

My teeth have stopped aching - instead I have a sinus infection. I have swelling on one side of my face under my nose which is still dripping (one of the first side effects I experienced) and it is painful to attempt to stem the flow. The swelling developed very quickly this afternoon, so I rang the oncologist and was told to go see my GP for an antibiotic. I had to go on the end of the consultation list with a 5.30 appointment but it was 6.30 when I saw the doctor. She was surprised to see me - I had visited yesterday for the everyday script refills and she had written me a letter for our travel insurance claim. There was no sign of the infection yesterday, but the aching teeth may have had some connection.

So now I am taking amoxycillin. I don't have a fever, which is good, though my temperature is slightly elevated. I am hoping none of this will affect the next round which is due to start on Tuesday.

I have been very tired the last few days. Yesterday I decided to take a nap which ended up being 3 hours. Result - difficulty in sleeping last night. No nap today.

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  1. Hi Joan, I was plesed to read in an earlier blog that you have had some shrinkage of tumors already. I have a friend in Canberra who has been having chemo for liver secondaries (primary in bowel removed surgically last year). They are now small enough for her to be having surgery v.soon in Sydney to remove them.She just needs a 30 day beak from the chemo apparently before the surgery.Go well on Tuesday and hope to see you this Saturday!!