Monday, February 22, 2010

Last days of the cycle

Apart from tiredness and the finger tingles I have been feeling pretty good the last couple of days. My taste has come back, so we treated ourselves to a Chinese meal last night. I really enjoyed it. Graham and his friend Faye came along too.

The gas was disconnected fom the cooktop Sunday morning, so we had no cooking facilities, unless we used the outside barbecue - that was my excuse for going out to eat. The new induction cooktop was installed this morning. It took a long time and there were a few mishaps, including a hole in our bedroom wall which Kevin now has to patch. I went shopping for frypans this afternoon - ours were all aluminium which doesn't work. Wasn't too impressed with the price, but we needed them. I have had to discard two more pots. a stock pot and a small milk saucepan, which didn't pass the magnet test even though they are stainless steel, so more purchases are on the horizon. The Salvos will get what I can no longer use.

I went to get my blood test this morning, rather later than usual. Didn't get the fast track treatment this time - I had to wait nearly 40 minutes. Parking was harder too. Note to self: go earlier next time. We will have to leave home early tomorrow in case of freeway problems - the oncologist appointment is at 8.45 am.

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