Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More antibiotics

I went to the dentist today. It was supposed to be a quick examination and decision about further treatment, but turned into a full scale consultation.

The lump on my gum/upper jaw has gone down considerably, but the dentist confirmed it was/had been an abscess in the tooth which has a root canal filling and a crown. An X-ray confirmed this. Apparently the aching teeth was a pressure buildup and then the abscess forced its way into the gum and developed the swelling. The prescribed Amoxicillin has reduced the swelling and I am to continue to take that till it it is finished, but I also have to take 7 days of Metronide (which attacks anaerobic bacteria) to get rid of the infection in the tooth.

Before prescribing the Metronide, the dentist rang the oncologist who gave the OK for it. I am glad she did, because I have just read the information sheet on the net and it says that it may affect or be affected by anticlotting drugs and 5-flouracil. That's a bit scary. I may ask some questions tomorrow when I go to have my pump removed.

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