Sunday, February 7, 2010


Yesterday afternoon we went to Mandurah (a city some 70k south of where we live) to catch up with Anne and Doug. Anne is Kevin's cousin and they live in Mission in British Columbia, Canada, but make reasonably frequent trips to Australia because their elder daughter and first grandchild live in NSW. Anne's older sister is a caretaker for the absentee owners of several millionaire type houses on the Mandurah canals and was able to organise for the family gathering to take place in one of them. It was a lovely gathering - I took my camera, but forgot to take any pics!

It would be very pleasant to live in such a spot, but I couldn't help thinking that even if we could afford it, it would be extremely difficult under the present circumstances. The private hospital where all my treatment happens is 25 k away from where we live ( 15 -20 minutes on the freeway except in rush hour). Add another 70k to that - yuk!

But it was a lovely afternoon. Once we got home, I went straight to bed and slept through to 3am. And I was able to sleep a little more after that.

The infection hasn't greatly improved despite the antibiotics. I have some swelling now under my right eye so the sinus is obviously involved. I hope that it will not affect the fourth round of chemotherapy which is supposed to start on Tuesday. My blood test is tomorrow, so I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that white cells and platelets are OK.

My sister and brother in law came to visit this afternoon. Mick has Parkinson's. His speech is badly affected and he has a set of compulsive and distracting behaviours. Despite it all we had had a very pleasant afternoon.

I made a Spanish omelette for dinner and ate quite a lot of it. I have had quite bad diarrhoea today, but took a Gastro-Stop this afternoon which has worked well. I am really tired so another early night is about to happen.

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