Monday, April 26, 2010

Questions for Cycle 9

I will have my fortnightly blood test tomorrow, then see the oncologist on Wednesday. I am quite eager for this appointment, because I have a lot of questions to ask. I already know that the chemo regimen will be different after this cycle - I want more detail about exactly how, and also what I may expect in the way of side effects.

I have been very tired these last few days ("SURPRISED? "says Kevin. "You have been doing as much as you did before the cancer diagnosis".) He's right, of course. Scratch tiredness as a side effect. The diarrhea has been a bit worse this cycle and I have had some pain in the lower abdomen, but not enough to warrant pain killers. The finger tingling is still a problem and so is the clumsiness when I am using my hands, especially in tasks that are not habitual. The skin on my feet and toes is darkening and my hair is thinning. Can I expect more of the same? or something different?

I also want to know the result of the consultation he had last week with the surgeon. Is bowel surgery an option?

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  1. My experience with my husband's numerous Chemo treatment regiments is that the further you get into a round, the worse the side effects. At times they become so problematic that the doctor may suggest a break in treatment... which is where we are now. Be sure to write down a list of questions for your doctor, and address them each visit. The Onc nurses are a great resource for problem-solving ideas. They have heard what works and doesn't work for people. There are a lot of over the counter items that can provide relief. But your Dr. can prescribe you something,too. I would definately get that pain checked out! That does not sound normal. Good luck,dearie.