Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mid-Cycle 8

I have very little to say about this cycle - it is so much like the last one. Bad tingling in the fingers, no taste and yucky night-time diarrhea on the seventh day. I am trying an incontinence pad tonight - I had an extremely disturbed night last night and a lot of washing to do this morning!

I am very tired. I had the PICC line dressed and flushed today - hopefully for the last time. It was a long wait again - over an hour and then less than 20 minutes to have it done. Then we went to see our financial advisor. Our finances are in good shape, but of course my health situation will affect the focus of our future investments.

I tried a new recipe tonight - Indian vegetable cutlets. They were a total failure - the patties fell to pieces and they were tasteless. (Kevin says - not true, they tasted great). Maybe I should give up cooking while my taste is affected, but I really enjoy looking for new recipes and trying them out.

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