Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have written about this on the other blog, so feel free to skip this post.

The Oxyplatin side effects are cumulative, so the finger tingling is getting worse. The tingling has now extended to my lower legs and today for the first time I felt it in my toes. It is the hands that are most affected. Today it was so bad that I had to wear gloves for about an hour after I got up, and even after I discarded them I could feel that my hands were not functioning all that well.

I certainly proved that. I was cutting fabric for today's planned project when I cut more than I intended. I took a slice with the scissors out of my left forefinger. It has been very slow to clot - probably because of the Clexane I am injecting daily to help deal with the embolisms in my lungs.

I have changed the dressing on the wound twice today, but it is still seeping. I have not done any more on the project - I don't want a bloodstained result.

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  1. My hubby has really bad Hand and Foot syndrome and Nueropathy right now from Xeloda. His fingers and toes keep cracking and bleeding. He has an ointment and bandages to use. People have said to use Bag Balm (from the country store, for cow's udders) or Udder Cream (from the drug store). At bed time, he put Bag Balm hands- then a pair of clean socks, like his Onc nurse said to do. This morning they were better. My concern for both of you, and others with this problem, is that you stay free of infection. You should not enter a hospital or clinic with open wounds. There is a lot of MRSA and other nasty germs out there.