Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another day out

My sister and I went to a Craft Fair this afternoon. I bought some pickles (an African Mango Pickle) from Armanda whose Eggplant Kasaundi is absolutely fabulous. I usually buy that, but I had a full jar at home. I also bought a pack of the ingredients for a yummy vegetarian dahl and some passionfruit butter. I could actually taste what I was sampling which was great.

I quickly ran out of energy, despite sitting for half an hour listening to a talk and demonstration on recycling op shop finds into fashionable garments, so we left after two hours, and I have done nothing since I got home except surf the net.

I had an encounter with an acquaintance which was rather disconcerting and I am not sure I handled it well.

"I hear you have been sick" she said.
"Yes, I have cancer".
" Breast cancer?
" No, bowel cancer and it's spread to my liver. I am having chemotherapy".
" Well, I guess that's all they can do for it. You just keep positive".
"Thanks", I said.

So why is the conversation nagging at me? Possibly the assumption that the only cancer a woman will have will be breast cancer. Possibly the assumption that nothing will be able to be done for me. Possibly the throwaway line about remaining "positive". What if I sometimes want to be negative? Especially when I am having a (literally) shitty day. Positive is a meaningless word in connection with cancer. Stubborn is one I like better.

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  1. Hi Joan,

    I had no idea.

    You looked wonderful - for someone they've been practicing nuclear warfare on you looked amazing!

    Must have something to do with that stubborn streak.

    We lived through a similar regime with Dan 2yrs ago when he fought off Hodgkins Lymphoma.

    Whatever you're doing must be working so keep it up. I'm glad Sunday was a good day and you and Dorothy enjoyed the talk.

    All the best'
    Jody Pearl