Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mid-Cycle 7

I am not enjoying this cycle at all. The tingling in my hands is not getting any better, nor is the tingling in my mouth and lips. I cannot taste anything except sweet things, which I am trying not to eat. I have felt nauseous and have had quite a bit of diarrhea. It looks like the Oxyplatin has affected my nails - the nail beds are darkening. Ugh!

Enough whingeing! I had the PICC line flushed and dressed today. If all goes as anticipated this will be the second last time I have to have it done - I can't wait. It was a long wait though - over an hour, which doesn't usually happen. Just as well I parked in the carpark so I got free parking.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow - the oncologist has asked me to get a referral. Apparently the one he gets from the surgeon is only for three months, whereas one from a GP lasts a year. I realised the GP will probably suggest a flu jab since it is that time of the year, so I called the oncologist to find out if I could have it. I can, so I will. I don't think flu is a good thing to suffer from this particular year.

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