Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another full day

I went to a journal making workshop at the Embroiderers' Guild today. It was five hours, so I had very little energy by the end, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and am pleased with what I managed to accomplish. More details on the other blog.

One of the members there today has a husband who was diagnosed with lung cancer just about the same time as my own diagnosis. Mike has finished his chemo and is now waiting for another CT scan to determine further treatment, but there has been considerable shrinkage in his tumours. Good onya, Mike!

On the advice of a friend who is a herbalist, and with the permission of his dietician, he has been drinking a tea made from Herb Robert every morning for the last month or so. While he doesn't know if it has been efficacious, he thinks it can't hurt. I was offered a package of the dried herb to try, which I accepted.

I googled the herb and found that there is considerable information related to its use for cancer prevention and treatment. I am sure that some of the claims made are not true, but if it is not harmful it may possibly be of some help. I am going to check with the oncologist and the clinic nurses on Wednesday, but I will try the tea until then. If it helps, I want it. If it doesn't, I will stop. There is no way I would ever use it instead of conventional medicine, but it may be useful as an adjunct.

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