Monday, April 12, 2010

A good day

Today was day 12 of the cycle and apart from the ever present finger tingle (can you believe it kicked in when I tried to hang some washing on the line!) and a crampy feeling in the lower abdomen (probably related to the diarrhea which is still in evidence) I woke up feeling good. So I had a textile day (details on the other blog).

I also went shopping at an Indian supermarket near the sewing machine shop. I have noticed it before, but somehow never made the effort to visit. My favourite TV show of the moment is Poh's Kitchen (for Chris - this is an offshoot of a show called Master Chef which was a huge success in Oz last year. Poh is an artist who came here as a small child from Malaysia. She was the runner up in the competition and now has a weekly cooking show on ABC - the national broadcaster). Last week's episode featured recipes for Indian food (have I mentioned that I really like curries and other spicy food?) which was light on the chillies which I can no longer tolerate.

So I went shopping for a couple of ingredients which were new to me and not in my pantry. I bought black cardamons (I already had green ones) and keora water which is flavoured with pandan - a bit like rose water. Both are required for one of the recipes I want to try. I also bought a spice mix for butter chicken on the recommendation of a young Indian shopper who noticed me scanning the shelves. Using these ingredients may happen tomorrow if I feel well and still have some taste. If not, they can wait awhile.

I will have my blood test tomorrow and Cycle 8 starts on Wednesday.

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