Friday, April 2, 2010

It's my birthday

and it has been very pleasant. We were taken out for lunch (see the other blog for details if interested) and I had my pump disconnected in the late afternoon.

I am always pleased to see the last of it - it is quite heavy to wear and showering with it involves putting it in a plastic bag on the floor outside the shower. Even though it has a long line, it still means I have to be careful and restrict my movements so I don't pull the cannula. I also have a bit of a problem sleeping with it - I toss and turn and end up with the line wound around my body.

I only have to put up with it for two more cycles, hooray! I will be really happy to be rid of the PICC line too.

The anti-nausea drugs continue to work well, but the tingling in my mouth and fingers is quite bad this cycle. It is certainly interfering with my enjoyment of a celebratory Moet. I have also had tingles in my feet and lower legs today, which has never happened before. I believe I will no longer be getting Oxyplatin when I start the new regime in May. It certainly seems to be the drug that gives me the worse side effects.

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