Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am really tired and it is all my own fault. Yesterday I went to a textile group meeting in the morning. It is a half hour drive from home along the freeway and I am finding driving needs my complete concentration these days. It was extremely hot and I left the meeting early and drove home. Once home I had a bit of a rest, but did not nap - which I should have done.

Later that afternoon we went to the opening of a sculpture exhibition on the foreshore of the Canning River. We loved the sculptures, especially these ones (Bottle Bream) made from plastic bottles, commenting on how plastic waste is affecting our waterways. Bream is a play on words (it is pronounced brim and is a fish that was once very common in the river, but is less so now. It also refers to the rim of the discarded bottles and how they are multiplying - "brimming over")

It was a very enjoyable evening - it had cooled down after what had been a VERY hot day (28 degrees Celsius after a 41 degree maximum) and it was most pleasant to sit after we had viewed the sculpture pieces and enjoy a glass of bubbly and some food while listening to the obligatory speeches.

Today I went to the meeting of my favourite textile group - Designing Women. It was the AGM and we spent quite a long time trying to get members to take up executive positions. I have been Treasurer, but resigned the position for this year. While I want to keep up with my groups, I don't think I need the pressure involved in leadership positions. Eventually all the positions were filled, and we had a workshop on recycling a couple of T-shirts to make one with a reverse applique decoration, followed by a talk from a local fashion designer who uses natural dyes and recycled materials to make her beautiful garments. I was really drooping by this time, but hung on for her talk before I gave in and went home.

I have had a brief nap, but I think I will be early to bed. And Kevin is right - it IS my own fault for doing too much. Tomorrow I plan on doing nothing much at all. It will be day 12 of cycle 5 - Wednesday is the start of Cycle 6, when I will be halfway through the treatment.


  1. Yes Joan - Kevin is right - you need to rest especially in this weather - Ian and I are totally stuffed and enjoying this morning just sitting out in the garden with our coffee watching all the happy birds. Have a day with your feet up hand stitching - ha ha!


  2. Yes Joan-make sure you get the rest and I second dale- hand stitching never hurts!