Sunday, March 7, 2010

A nice night out

Kevin's nephew and his wife live in Colorado and are presently back here in Perth for a visit and so he can sell a million dollar unit he (and I presume the bank) owns. It is in a magnificent position with fabulous views, that I would like to look at every day. Quite beyond our pockets though! We were invited to a family gathering for cocktails at sunset. Most enjoyable - I drank bubbly. We left reasonably early because I got tired, even though I spent most of the evening sitting down.

View down river towards South Perth.

View across to Perth city as the sun set.

I have been feeling OK since the chemo on Wednesday. After pump-off on Friday I had lunch with my sister at the Art Gallery Cafe. We shared a single serving - we both find cafe servings are really too large. It was a very nice quiche with salad a balsamic dressing and tasted good. Afterwards we went to look at the annual exhibition of High School students artworks. It gets better every year.

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