Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And it is yet another day

Thank you to everyone who is reading the blog. I sometimes feel it is just too banal and nobody will be interested in details of my feeding and bowel movements - important as they are to me though.

I haven't lost any weight these last three weeks and as I said before - I can afford to lose it. Now I am not nauseous I eat 3 meals a day even if they taste blah. The only foods I cannot eat any more (BOOHOO! because I love them) are spicy ones, especially curries. They are painful on my tongue and lips.

I have been working on my textile art for the last 2 days (more information in My Textile Blog in the sidebar). I think trying to do the things that I have enjoyed in the past has helped me not to dwell on what a godawful fight I am facing.

Today has been an "ordinary"one. No nausea, no diarrhoea, no taste. PICC line flush tomorrow.

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  1. Good news about the weight. :) Bad news about the spicy food. :( I like spicy food too, but I hardly ever get it, as my wife is strongly averse.