Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Good

The extra week without chemo has been great. The finger tingling has almost disappeared - I can get stuff out of the fridge easily, though it's a bit more difficult from the freezer. Food tastes quite good, if a little bland - I seem to be using more seasoning. My mouth and nose are not sore, though there is still a bit of a nose drip. I have had two nights where I slept straight through. I am still getting tired very quickly though and need to rest a lot.

I am still having problems with the knee I hurt when I fell over almost a fortnight ago. It is still very swollen and painful and the bruising has progressed down my leg almost to the ankle. I also have a painful bruise on the other leg - not sure where that one came from. I am not sure whether all this is cancer related or not, so I will be asking some questions on Wednesday.

Blood test tomorrow and oncologist on Wednesday, followed by chemo if the blood is OK. Hope so, I want to get this treatment done with.

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