Sunday, March 28, 2010

A family gathering

Son Martin turned 39 on Friday (where did all those years go?) so we had a barbecue lunch today to mark the occasion. Daughter and partner (and their puppy) and us were present.

Martin does not socialise well as a rule. He was a drug addict for 20 years and still suffers from depression (and, I think, bipolar disorder). However today went well.

I prepared some pork fillets cut into chunks, marinated in orange juice and mustard, threaded on skewers and accompanied by a slaw of red cabbage, Granny Smith apple, carrot and green onion with a sour cream and mustard dressing. Then there were prawns which had been marinated in lime and chilli, Italian sausages, a green salad and some fresh olive bread. The food was a dead loss as far as I was concerned - could have been cottonwool or cardboard, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. I still enjoy cooking, but can see the time approaching when I won't feel like doing it if I can't enjoy it.

However, the day was a success so far as family interaction was concerned and I am pleased about that.

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