Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Shopping Spree

I returned 2 books to the library today, so decided to look for some new leather gloves at Garden City since the department stores are in full winter stock mode despite the temperature today being in the high 20s and uncomfortably humid after the storm last night. At least we got some rain - the first since November last year.

I believe I am going to need the gloves when it gets cold - I suffer from Reynaud's Syndrome anyway and the Oxyplatin is also affecting my fingers. I wanted fine leather without a lining for maximum flexibility.

Gloves found and bought, I bought some night cream, then decided to look in a kitchen ware store for a small saucepan to use on our new induction cooktop. I have had to discard one which I used lots. I found one, then noticed there was a special on a pressure cooker - almost half price. My old pressure cooker is aluminium and therefore unuseable on the new top. I like to use a pressure cooker for soups in winter, so that was added to the purchases. Then I used a book voucher I was given for Christmas. I haven't bought so much at once for ages! I must confess that it rather fatigued me too.

My mid-treatment CT scan is on Thursday and my next chemo is scheduled for next Wednesday. I am hoping for a good report.

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