Saturday, July 31, 2010

A longer holiday from chemo

We visited the oncologist yesterday and he listened to my chronicle of woes about the third round of Xeloda. He decided that I should have a top-up dose of Avastin, but not resume Xeloda until the results of my next CT scan become available. The CT scan is on Tuesday, and I have another appointment with him on Friday, so I am hoping for good news then. I will have been off Xeloda for two weeks when I have the scan, so I hope the nasties haven't got worse with this break.

I still cannot eat, except in the morning, so I am loading up the calories at breakfast. I quite like Sustagen, so that is my backup for the rest of the day. I have lost 5 kilos (10.5 pounds) in the past three weeks, so that is a bit of a concern. I am to see a clinical dietician when we go back next week, but I am not sure how that will help. I know the nutritional theory (I studied it at Uni and taught Food and Nutrition for many years) - it is actually being able to eat that is my problem.


  1. I was hoping that this time you posted you would be telling us that your appetite had returned. I know you know about nutrition Joan, but surely they must of seen this problem before and will have a few suggestions for you. I am concerned about you getting week, you need your energy to fight this disease. I also know you are doing the best you can and have done more than many ever would. I do hope you have a good weekend. Keeping you in my heart and prayers.....:-)Hugs

  2. Fingers crossed its a great scan.