Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reaching a century

I noticed when I logged in that this will be my 100th post - unbelievable!

We went to test drive a new car today. I have wanted a smaller car for some time and have it fixed in my mind that it must be red. The first car I ever owned was red - a Fiat 500 Bambino. I loved it dearly and it served me well. In fact, it served both of us well - I sold it to pay for our wedding. So since this will certainly be my last car, I want another red one. We were both impressed by the car we test drove - a Ford Fiesta - and decided to sign up. We knew we would have to wait for what we wanted, but felt 6 weeks wasn't too bad - we had been told there was one on the way from Germany. So we signed up and paid the deposit. Then we were told that the red car on the way had been pre-sold and that it was likely to be a very much longer wait. I was upset. We were informed there was a car in stock that was a colour that was a couple of shades darker than red and maybe I would like that colour. RED? It was a purple that was a few shades lighter than black. I hated it! Kevin saw how upset I was and told the salesman (out of my hearing) why the red was important to me. The salesman said he would do all he could, and if he couldn't get what we wanted our deposit would be refunded and the contract annulled.

Sounds magnanimous, but the consumer law here actually covers precisely this situation. If they cannot supply what we thought we were buying, we are entitled to void the contract and get back any money paid. We will wait and see what happens in the next few days.

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  1. I do hope you are able to get the car you want. I love red in fact I have had 2 red cars myself, it is an uplifting color. It is a good law to protect you from losing your deposit.....Every country should have it if they don't. Hope you are feeling well......:-) Hugs