Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Battling with food

I am finding it extremely difficult to eat. Most food is actively repulsive and if I decide I might enjoy something I can usually only manage a couple of mouthfuls.

Case in point: yesterday afternoon I thought I would enjoy an omelet aux fines herbes for my evening meal. So I went out into the garden and harvested a handful of parsley, some thyme and a couple of sage leaves. I don't have tarragon or chervil which are the classic herbs to use with the parsley, but I thought the substitutes would work. I grated a handful of pecorino cheese and chopped some proscuitto. I made Kevin's omelette first. Two eggs, lightly beaten with a little water. Lightly greased nonstick frypan. Cooked the omelet the classical way, but placed a handful of the minced herbs and most of the grated cheese on top before folding it. Garnished it with the chopped grilled proscuitto. He loved it.

Then I made mine. Only one egg, but the same except for the proscuitto which I didn't feel like. Took one mouthful and nearly gagged. I finally managed to force most of it down without incident, but it was a battle.

Today has been a little better. I had a biggish breakfast - a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of cereal, three huge strawberries and a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt with a little cream and full-cream milk. Lots of calories there. Then I had a carton of Sustagen for lunch. I have also eaten almost a whole mushroom from our newly producing farm. I might have a mushroom for dinner - we harvested three huge ones today, including the one at the back in the central cluster.


  1. Joan, I am so sorry your appetite is just not there right now....I know it is hard to eat when you don't feel well but I do think it is important. Perhaps some good home made soup would go down nicely. Keeping you in my prayers....:-) Hugs

  2. Here are some links for you:


    There are also some cookbooks out there for people in cancer treatment. Google it or search your public library's data base. Feel better soon!