Saturday, July 24, 2010

I didn't get my red car

but I got these from the dealership as a small consolation.

We decided that we really wanted a Ford Fiesta with all its features, and since a six month wait for a red automatic is not really a viable option, we opted for a silver one. We picked it up yesterday afternoon. I haven't really played with all its features, but I am totally wrapt in the Bluetooth connection to my mobile phone. No more pulling off the road to answer a call.

The hand-foot syndrome has improved enormously - I no longer have any pain in walking - but I am keeping up with applying the cream. I have had no appetite for the past two days,but have had some soup and fruit. I hope my appetite will improve as my Xeloda holiday continues.


  1. Oh dear I so wanted you to have a red car but I am sure the silver one is very pretty as well. Yes not having to pull over to answer a call would be great for sure. Those flowers are pretty

    So happy to hear your feet and hands are so much better, what kind of cream are you using (I'll go back to an older post where you told us)

    I hope you can eat more Joan, it is important to keep your strength up and your body needs food for this.

    Keeping you in my heart and prayers....:-) Hugs

  2. Hi Joan I spent time this weekend reading your other blogs and I think your great. You have so much love and support and the way others see you as an inspiration only confirms you are a special lady.
    I do hope all goes well, this disease can be beaten Joan, I always smile and say the only difference between myself and Julia Roberts is I only have one boob.......:-) Hugs

  3. Well, good for you to receive a bouquet of flowers when they didn't meet your expectations. It's their way of admitting their fault. And the silver one is not bad either, though the red one is more eye-catching.