Thursday, July 15, 2010

Side Effects

This round of chemo is making me very tired and combined with the leg/hip and shoulder pain that I have had for a couple of months now I am not at all inclined to exercise. I also think that I may be developing foot-hand syndrome as the edges of my heels are very tender and sore. I have been rubbing in a cream that I have found effective with dry hands and it relieves the soreness for a while. I am finding my sheepskin slippers to be the most comfortable footwear.

Tomorrow I am visiting a Bowen therapist. This was recommended by my GP as a possible way to relieve the shoulder and leg pain. Bowen therapy is a form of physiotherapy, but does not involve intensive massage and manipulation. Several of my friends have had Bowen therapy for a range of problems to do with bones and muscles and all agree that the therapy worked well for them.

So I hope to have a positive report tomorrow. I don't know what I am going to wear on my feet though - sheepskin slippers are not a good look!

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  1. Oh sweetie it does sound like you have neuropathy, I have it in my hands and feet. I wear sheepskin slippers inside and UGG's outdoors.....I also have a sheepskin line foot warmer for winter use. I have met many of us who have had to take chemo and radiation develop this (I also am diabetic which causes it as well) so I didn't have much chance of not getting it. It's okay I have learned to live with it as the others can be painful I know but you will deal with it gracefully as you have everything else.
    I hope the therapy helps, you don't need anymore right now. Keep us posted and know that we care very much for what you are going through, we have been there or are going through it along with you.
    Keeping you in my prayers......:-)Hugs