Monday, August 2, 2010

Still not eating

I went to the GP this morning to get my regular prescriptions rewritten. She was also concerned about my weight loss, though she didn't have any suggestions on coping with inability to eat that I haven't already tried. She did say that eating what I could, when I could, was the best that I could do at the moment.

She took my blood pressure and it was quite low, so she has taken me off one medication and wants to evaluate the other in three weeks or so. She also did a blood sugar test and it is a bit high. Now I could have diabetes to worry about as well!

I am to have my CT scan tomorrow morning at 10.45 am, and I am not allowed to have anything but water for six hours prior, so my usual calorie loading won't happen tomorrow morning. I just hope I will be able to eat afterwards to make up for it. Plus, of course, I am hoping for some good results to justify the struggle I am having with chemo's side effects.

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  1. Good Luck tomorrow Joan. I wish I had some ideas to increase your appetite but I don't, even spoke with a friend of mine who is in similar circumstance as you but she said there was absolutely nothing that appealed to her and when she did force herself to eat it didn't taste very good at all. Am keeping you in my prayers Joan, .......hugs from Canada:-)