Saturday, August 7, 2010

A not so good day

We went to see the oncologist yesterday. The news was not the good I had hoped for. The report on the CT scan shows the liver tumours are stable, but at least one lung tumour has increased. Also my CEA is rising - 3000 now, up from 2200 a week ago. I am shattered - all the awful side effects I have been enduring seem to have been for nothing. I had an infusion of Avastin, but was told not to go back on the Xeloda.

The oncologist seems uncertain about what to do. I am to go back in a week's time, after he has had a look at the scan himself - he had only seen the report, not the actual images.

A little brightness - I have had two reasonable meals today. Food still does not taste good, but I am able to take in more than I have been able to for the past few weeks.


  1. Joan
    I'm sorry to hear your bad news. Chris and I have been following you daily, as you have been following him. I had been hoping that you at least would have had some good news this week.

  2. Oh Joan I am have been working so hard and doing everything suggested to become stronger. I am glad you are able to eat a bit more, perhaps it is being off the Xeloda that is helping.
    Be strong my friend, am keeping you and your family in my prayers.....:-) Hugs from Canada

  3. So sorry about your bad news Joan, you're doing so well coping with treatments and the nasty side effects while still keeping going with your art.
    Glad you had a good day with Juliet - enjoyed your review & pics.