Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The visit to the hypnotherapist

I am not sure whether there will be useful results from the hypnotherapist. He certainly is a good listener and allowed me to vent about the crap I am experiencing at the moment. Then he got me to sit back in the chair, close my eyes and try to find a memory where I was happy, fulfilled and unstressed. I found this hard. He then talked at me for about 20 minutes, inviting me to think about good things, about being positive and banishing guilt, anger and anxiety. I cannot remember a lot of it, but he is going to send me a tape which we will load on my iPod so I can attempt to follow his suggestions.

When it was over, I did not feel that I had actually "gone under" and I had a tension headache. A friend has had hypnotherapy and she told me today that she is not conscious of her body at all while undergoing it. Not true for me, though I must admit I didn't feel any nausea or have stomach cramps or a need to go the toilet during the session. I will see how I go with the tape when I get it. No improvement in my appetite or eating ability today.

I went to my GP on Monday, and she was all in favour of trying the technique. She organised a Medicare service number which means that I can have a number of sessions and get back 40% of the fee from Medicare. Thanks, Deb! I am to see him again in a month's time.

Today I went to Secret Drawer, my friendship sewing/quilting group. I enjoyed myself a lot - particularly because Helen, the hostess, had a copy of the Victoria and Albert Museum's book about their exhibition - Quilts from 1700 to 2010 which was held earlier in the year. The book belonged to Helen's sister and was bought for her by her husband. What a man! It is a fabulous book and I would be tempted to buy in other circumstances. I was unable to eat any afternoon tea, though I tried , because it looked yummy.

When I got home there was a really crappy letter waiting for me. I may write about it tomorrow, or Kevin may in his blog, but it really upset me. However, after a call to the company involved, who have promised to deal with the individual concerned and offered me a apology, I am feeling a bit better. However, I am very tired so will go to bed early. I just need to eat some icecream so I can take my Xeloda. Two more days to go!


  1. I have not heard of using Hypnotherapy before along side cancer treatment. It will be interesting to see if this helps you down the road!

  2. Hi Joan, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that the hypnotherapy will work for you. You do sound better. I am babysitting for my nephew so I don't the access to Internet like I do at home but will continue to check in to see how you are. Always keeping you in my prayers....Hugs

  3. Sounds like it is really worth a try and unloading some of the angst? anger? rage? that you have to be feeling (I would be anyway) must be satisfying. I am glad you were able to get to your group - and finish a UFO. It is truly a very nasty thing to be going through. love.